1. Half Ponytail with Twist : Can be used with all scrunchie sizes. Use XL scrunchie as a statement hair accessory or any medium scrunchie to keep it subtle yet stylish. Try this look with our knitted set :(https://ctaare.com/product/crochet-scrunchies-set-of-6/

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2. Space Buns: Use 2 scrunchies,preferably of the same colour to achieve this look. You can also tie your whole hair instead of half. Try this look with Bejewelled set (Set of 4 black,velvet scrunchies) (https://ctaare.com/product/black-velvet-jewelled-scrunchies-set-of-4/)

3. Ponytail with multiple scrunchies to add colour to your fit: This hairdo is so easy to recreate,takes 2 minutes and adds so much colour to your outfit. Try this look with Muted Set (https://ctaare.com/product/satin-and-velvet-pastel-scrunchies-set-of-8-2/)

4. XL Scrunchies as hairbands: These multipurpose scrunchies support every hairstyle. Yes,they have enough stretch to fit around your head too. Try this unique hairstyle with Soir Set (https://ctaare.com/product/black-xl-patterned-scrunchies/)

5. Side Ponytail: To add a statement hair piece to your look and show off your fancy scrunchies. This is one of the easiest hairstyles. We recommend Georgette Set (https://ctaare.com/product/pastel-georgette-scrunchies-set-of-4/ )  for this look as it has airy and lightweight fabric yet looks very chic.

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6. Half Pony hairdo: Adds volume to your hairstyle-Perfect for days when your hair isn’t freshly washed or is flat. We recommend Blackcurrant set (https://ctaare.com/product/organza-lightbright-hair-ties-with-dual-toned-claw-clip-set-of-5/) for this look. The colourful organza hair ties keep your hair secure all day while adding a pop of colour to your look. 

7. Braids: A level-up from regular braids by adding cute scrunchies. Try the Macaron set (https://ctaare.com/product/satin-scrunchies-with-lining-set-of-4/ ) to revive your regular braids hairstyle.

8. Fishtail braids with Ponytail: Another great hairstyle for pre-hairwash days and the best for making your hair accessories pop. Try the XL scrunchies in Coral Reef set (https://ctaare.com/product/dark-pastel-xl-satin-scrunchies-set-of-6/) for this look.

9. Low Bun with medium scrunchies:Works best with shorter hair lengths and does not tug on your hair. This hairstyle is easy to do whether you’re staying in or going out.  Chocolate box set (https://ctaare.com/product/dual-toned-scrunchies-with-claw-clip-set-of-5/) has all the mid-sized neutral tone scrunchies to recreate this low bun hairdo.

10. Mid ponytail: Easiest hairstyle to do,but you can level it up with fancy scrunchies to achieve a put-together look without much effort! Try the Pearlescent Set (https://ctaare.com/product/cfd19/ )to add some bling to this hairstyle.

11. XL Scrunchie low bun: Best for those with longer hair lengths. This hairstyle can be worn all day and even while sleeping, as it prevents tugging of hair on the crown of your head. Try the Checkmate set (https://ctaare.com/product/xl-checkered-scrunchies-set-of-2/) for extra large, super stretchy and trendy scrunchies which will suit every hair length or the B2B set (https://ctaare.com/product/chiffon-black-and-beige-scrunchies-set-of-2/ ) which has XL scrunchies in black and beige colours!


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